Turn millions of pieces of unstructured data into action in real-time

We help airlines get an instant 4-dimensional picture of their operations with a mix of technology, application and human expertise.

The 3 stages of a Perceptive Engine

Complete insight

Our core engine analyses & identifies keywords, themes, historical data and issues based on industry standards and your airline's specific challenges.

Triage in real-time

This raw data is processed and most importantly, made actionable. Ops teams now have a resource that moves their role from processing to near-instant decision-making and future prediction.

Overall impact

This means that these teams now directly impact business objectives immediately and can spot issues before they arise, actively shifting resource and focus to innovation and progress, not process. This is our purpose.
Introducing Wilbur: our perceptive engine for aviation

Born out of the US Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate's 'Future of the Skies' project and trained on real aerospace data, Wilbur is a precision triage system for aviation operations.

The biggest leap forward in aviation has traditionally come from pairing propulsion with technology, for example: the propeller-driven craft that Wilbur & Orville Wright pioneered and then later, when Frank Whittle patented the transformative TurboJet engine.

We believe the next big leap in innovation will be propelled by an 'engine' of a different kind: one of intelligence and perception, rather than combustion. We called ours Wilbur.
Isolate operational factors

Early warning systems for delays and disruptions

Real-time insights can provide operations with a chance to act early or even predict issues before they happen. Wilbur can learn to identify when a disruption or delay might occur and present this as actionable intelligence to directly remedy things such as equipment failure, loss of service or delays to normal run-time.

More than operations

Affect front-line staff engagement live in the field

Wilbur can also provide insight for management of partners, providers and personnel. For example, highlighting whether a certain group might benefit from more training or even a boost in incentive for a job-well-done. When linked to education, training and staff communications infrastructure, this can be done immediately, increasing staff morale and effectiveness in the field.

Proactive & predictive

Combine data to create powerful cost-saving predictions

By piecing the intelligence from Wilbur to other data sources, such as weather patterns, previous delays and critical incidents, teams can proactively take action to prevent costly eventualities for the entire airline including future service cancellations.

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