What are 'Perceptive Engines' & what makes Wilbur different?

We've all heard the idiom 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. Well, the same is true for AI. This is where purpose-led private intelligence - not publicly available and multipurpose tech - can change entire industries.
– Barrie Davies, Founder & CEO
Wilbur is a proprietary, private algorithm with 3 defined objectives:

Specific training

Wilbur was born out of special projects undertaken for the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate in the US, regarding the future of aviation. We've specifically trained and guided Wilbur using industry specific data, evidence and key aviation objectives.

Human reporting

This constant learning, reporting and triage process integrates technology into operations and ensures humans are always kept in the loop. This extra layer is what we call a 'perceptive engine': where we blend human insight with the limitless reach of AI within your own organisation.

360 degree view

Imagine all your best analysts communicating in real time, with a permanent, 24/7 connection. Wilbur will constantly customise all the reporting in a way that streamlines your organisation's workflow, making it easy to action whatever is flagged, wherever it's needed.
Data security is paramount

Our tech is client-specific and not open-source.

We understand the importance of data privacy. That's why our technology is built on private and proprietary algorithms, meaning that at all times, your data is securely protected and any analysis is done within your own private cloud.

Empowering your experts

Give your operations teams more time to analyse and action, rather than sifting and organising data.

No additional human interaction is needed to generate any post-triage analysis – the raw reports are processed and the dashboard automatically built. Rather than weeks or months to review thousands of reports, our Perceptive Engine can consistently process in real-time, without pause.

Fully customisable

It's not just plug-in tech. We work with you to build your own system, with your commercial and ops objectives in mind.

Our application is highly customisable. We work closely with you to design a dashboard and app tailored to your specific needs. As an analyst, you can access the autocode function, review raw reports in real time, and examine trends or issues highlighted by the triage process.

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