Our purpose is to secure the future of aviation innovation

We do this by freeing up teams and entire organisations so that they can focus on progression not reaction.


Ops teams are industry experts, with invaluable insight. It is our mission to empower these people to spend that insight in other areas by integrating with new technology, not being replaced by it. We want to help these people do good work and contribute to the company mission.

Creating heroes

Empowering the 'unsung heroes' of the aviation industry gives them a chance to affect the front-line of their organisation in a tangible way, letting them know they’ve been heard. A fully engaged team gathers more vital information and importantly fosters a culture of sharing knowledge and insight.

Industry-wide impact

In empowering and engaging an entire industry from end-to-end, we believe we can all deliver 'industry impact' – more efficient operations, less waste, better customer service and more profitable businesses throughout the aviation sector.

What sets us apart as a technology company?

We're aviation first

Our expertise goes far beyond tech and off-the-shelf AI products. Our team is built up of an advisory board of world-leading aviation specialists, with a variety of backgrounds in commercial and corporate businesses and government agencies.

Our formula of combining human and AI insight permeates far more than the products we sell, it forms the core of our own business structure too.

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